Post B week 7

During this section of the book, Alice is beginning a new class of poetry and she loves her new teacher. Alice writes a dramatic poem about her rape experience and names it "conviction". When she shows her teacher, she loves it and say it is Alice's best work. Her teacher then suggests that Alice should workshop it which means review it with her class and other teachers. Alice agrees but is nervous because this means reading it aloud to her class and telling them all she had been raped. I can see how that could be really hard for her, but also I think it would be a good and almost could help her move on. Later on in this section it talk about how while Alice was walking down the street to another building near her campus she saw her rapist, Gregory Madison. She was so frightened and panicked. She tried to avoid him so she kept walking. However, he recognized her and so he approached her. Then he taunted her about when he raped her. Alice was furious but too scared to do anything at the moment so she kept walking back to the dorm. Alice knew in her heart she couldn't let this man wander the streets, she decided to take action. This is so brave of Alice to do and I believe is the right thing to do. She doen't want a dangerous man to harm anyone else like he did to her. Also, by catching this man would help her find closure in the tragic experience.

Post A week 7

ostracized(pg 203): to exclude, by general consent, from society, friendship, conversation, privileges, etc.

hypervigilance (pg 242): the condition of maintaining an abnormal awareness of environmental stimuli, post-traumatic stress syndrome, marked by symptoms like frequent nightmares and repetitive anxiety dreams, insomnia, intrusive disturbing thoughts.

A theme that is developing in the memoir is when you feel something is the right thing to do, follow your heart.

Post B week 6

Throughout this section of the book, Alice continues to struggle in college and is still having a rough time and with all the unwanted attention. I can see her frusterations with not wanting people to feel bad for her and just wants some attention just for being Alice not because she was raped. However, Her friends have been there for her to help her get through this hard time and for her to stay strong. Alice is very lucky to have such kind friends who genuinely care about her so much. Also, in this section she talks about her experiences with diffrent types of girls in diffrent types of dorms. She categorizes them as some are the goody good girls, some the bad girls, and some and the girls with boyfriends. She considered herself a goody good girl. I don't like when people stereotype themselves or other people and give them a title. I think it is almost like you are judging them which is something no one should ever do.

Post A week 6

ebullient (pg 162): overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited.

depicted (pg 184): To represent in words; describe.

A theme that is developing in the memoir is you should always see past first impressions and wait until you get to know someone before you jump to any conclusions.

Post B week 5

In this section of the book, Alice's parents finally agree with her and allow her to return to Syrcruse. She returns and stays in the Haven hall, which is safer then the regular dorms. I think her parents won't regret their decision of allowing this because I'm sure all they want is for their daughter to be happy. But when Alice returns, everyone is shocked. People would approach her and say how glad they are that she came back. Since this was talked about with many people, even strangers would approach her and hug her and pitty her, which would obviously make Alice feel akward and uncomfortable. She doesn't want pitty, she wants people to see her as the old Alice, the one who wasn't raped. She continues to struggle as shes trying to adapt back into college life to feel normal again. I believe with the support of her friends and family, and with people treating her normally this can be accomplished.

Post A week 5

admissible (pg 140): that may be allowed or conceded; allowable.

disconcerted (pg 145): to throw into disorder or confusion; disarrange.

A theme that is merging in the memoir is parents need to let their child make their own decisions so they can have independence.


The memoir of Lucky written by Alice Sebold.
published in 2006
a non-fiction book.
246 pages.
The story plot is similar to the memoir of A piece of Cake which I read recently and since I liked that so much I thought I would enjoy Luck as well.