Outside Reading Final Post#1

During the last section of the book, You can really see the change in Cup's life. She was now living on her own, and Cup relapsed once. But she quickly got back on track and back to the road of recovery. At one of the meetings at Alano Club for alcoholics and recovered alcoholics, she met a man named Brett. Cup fell in love with his charm. They dated for the first two years of her recovery and had gotten engaged. Bun unfortunatley, soon after their relationship began to go downhill. He also was a recovering fiend and was getting high more and more. Sadly enough, he choose dope over Cup. After two full years of sobriety, Cup decided to follow her dream (with the help of Venita her sponsor) and become a lawyer. With determination and hard work she got into SDSU. On a trip to the local prison, Cup had a discussion with her Professor Sutton and he had convinced her to tell her life story. NBC News wanted to interview her. After she was interviewed, Cup received no negative feedback. After eight and a half years of community college she had finally finished and would become a graduate. Now she attended law school and was accepted into USF where they gave her a scholarship. Soon enough, she graduated and and received the Judge Harod J. Haley Award for Exceptional Distinction in Scholarship, Character and Activities. After all the pain and suffering Cup had gone through, her life was finally in order and heading in the right direction.

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