The Sea Inside post #3

I believe the most significant scene during The Sea Inside was a close-up of when Ramon hits his head on the ocean floor. This shot of his head takes up the majority of the screen and is focusing on when Ramon got in the tradgic accident. I think the director's intentions for this shot was a close up because he wanted the audience to be focused on this difining moment of Ramon's life and the whole basis of the movie. Another shot during the movie was was an extreme close-up. This shot was when Julia and Ramon were spending tim together and the shot is just of their hands. I think this signifies their closeness in their relationship with eachother. A third shot during this movie was when Ramon was leaving his house where he had been taken care of and loved by his family. The director used the firehosing technique and made it feel as though you were riding in the car along with Ramon. This is a very emotional part of the movie and i think the intentions for the shot was to make it seem very real because the camera moves with the car movements. Lastly, there was another firehosing shot. The shot continued along the hills and around his home. I belive this shot was significant because it showed where Ramon was no longer capable of going, he was unable to hike through the hills or even take a walk down the street from his house.

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