The Sea Inside post #1

Overall I thought The Sea Inside was a very interesting movie. It definetley kept me intrigued as I watched. At times it was confusing since it was spoken in spanish and to understand the plot we had to read subtitles. I think people should be able to choose whether they live or die but they need to realize that they are affecting other people that are in their lives who care about them. In Ramon's case he was living in a depressing situation and his life was not exciting. But he had so many people who cared about him. I don't see how he could kill himself knowing that he would be affecting all those people in a negative way. But on the other hand, Ramon could see it as him being a burden for his family to take care of him. So he would doing them a favor so they wouldn't have to spend their time helping Ramon stay alive. I think for his friends who agreed to help him, they were very sympathetic towards Ramon and really understood how he was feeling. It must of been really hard on them since they cared for him so much but they felt it was the best for Ramon.

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