The Sea Inside post #2

There are many similarities and differences between The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside. The main similarity is both the main characters Ramon and Jean were quadriplegic and confined inside their own bodies. However, Ramon is able to move his neck and head and able to speak, where as Jean was only able to communicate with others by the blink of his left eye and had no other movement. Another Similarity is that Ramon and Jean showed humorous and sarcastic tone towards their situations. They both tried to enlighten their depressing living style. The major difference between the two tales is in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was Jean Bauby has no desire to die. He does not want to end his life out of frustration and give up. Instead, He chooses to live his life to the fullest and to his highest potential. This contradicts the purpose of The Sea Inside because the whole idea of the movie was to show Ramon's emotions and why he wants to end his life. So, Jean was fighting for his life and on the other hand, Ramon was fighting for his death. In my opinion, The Sea Inside was much more powerful to me than The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Since The Sea Inside was portrayed on film it was able to show all the emotions and thought processes visually and by listening so it made it much more intense.

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