Outside Reading Week 3 Part #1

Part 1

1) At the start of this section Cup is 16 years old. She is living on her own in an apartment. This lifestyle is very different than having to run away, she loves being able to set her own rules and having so much freedom. The only rules she needs to oblide to are going to school and being employed somewhere. Other than that, she can do whatever she wants until the emancipation is settled in the courtroom. So in order for her to continue living on her own she needed to search for a job. Cup found one and was employed as an "alarm monitor." This was simple for her, her daily rountine was going to school, getting drunk and high then going to work. Then once she was at work she would fall asleep then wakeup the next morning for school. Eventually, Cup was legally emancipated. She dropped out of school, but stayed with her job because she needed money to live off. Since she stuck with her job, Cup was also able to still live in her apartment. This is where she became close friends with her next door neighbor Rich, who was a 25-year-old drug dealer. Whenever they hung out they were up to no good, usually smoking weed.
One morning, Cup had woken with a sharp pain in her abdomen. Rich immediatley called 911 and she went to the hospital. After numerous tests she was informed that an IUD was left in too long and moved into her uterus, also she had a sexually transmitted disease of gonnorrhea. At that point in her life, Cup was going through such a physical and mental crisis. Then Later on, Rich had to move for the army. He offered Cup his business and customers. Cupcake agreed, so she then quit her job as an alarm monitor. Cupcake loved selling weed because she always had cash and her house became the happenin' place to be. Other than weed, Cup also started selling meth, cocaine LSD and sherm. With all the cash she was making from her illegal activity, Cup decided to throw herself a 17th birthday party. With all her connections of 'using' friends, it was bound to get out of hand, which it did. The police showed up and busted into the party. Cupcake got upset and mouthed off to the cops. She was also almost taken to jail for underage drinking. After most of the people left, Cup and her friends were really hungry. One of her friends went to the store to pick up some chicken for them. As they were cooking the chicken, Cupcake started to feel nauseous from the smell. She remembered having this similar feeling before and instantly knew she was pregnant for the second time. So Cupcake went to the free clinic to get examined and sure enough she was pregnant. She figured out that Calvin was the father and forced him to give her money for an abortion. Cup’s life of selling drugs ended and she was out of money, so she decided to live with her dad.

2) Today, Cupcake Brown is a successful author and attorney living in San Fransisco. She has written a memoir of her life and was an attorney for one of the 25th largest law firms in the nation. She also speaks all over the coutry by sharing her life story to others of turning her life around after going through such difficult times and still having hope. Cupcake also graduated college without having a highschool diploma. Cupcake also has received numerous scholastic awards such as the University of San Francisco School of Law's Judge Harold J. Haley Award for Exceptional Distinction in Scholarship, Character and Activities; the McAuliffe Honor Society; the National Law School Dean's List; and San Diego State University's Donald Leiffer Outstanding Alumni Award for Distinguished Service.


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