The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a memoir written with passion and determination. As Jean-Dominique Bauby was faced with "locked in syndrome," he went through so many obstacles that he neeeded to overcome in order to still have some hope. One of my phylosophies in life is that everything happens for a reason and after reading this book I realized that maybe this tradgey happened to Bauby in order for him to value his life and appreciate the simple things. Once he was cut off from his old lifestyle of simply having a fully functional body, being able to speak with others, and show emotion, he needed to rely on his the ability to move his left eye instead. His left eye was his only link to the outside world. Just one eye helped him communicate with others, be able to see, and even write this book. Instead of losing all hope, which would have been easy; Bauby stayed strong and did anthing that he was capable of doing. I think Bauby was trying to tell readers to value their lives, and not to wait to realize how valuble and precious it is until you are faced with a tradgedy such as his. Also, i think he was trying to tell us to not take anything for granite, everything and everyone in our lives is a gift.

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