Outside Reading Week 4 Part #1

" I was confused. How could Mr.Burns be my daddy? So what if we had the same last name? I never saw him before in my life. He wasn't there when I had to go to the hospital to get my tonsils out. He wasn't in the front row for my first violin recital. He didn't build my fancy red stove. My daddy did."
-Cupcake Brown; pg.16; A Piece of Cake

This is significant to the memoir because it was during the time when the judge was deciding who would have custody over Cup and her brother Larry. Their biological father, Mr.Burns, technically had the rights to have custody even though he had never been apart of their lives. He also wanted them for the money, he could care less about them and didn't want anything to do with it. And the man who they considered "daddy", the one who loved them, had been apart of their lives, had been paying child support, and cared for them so deeply could not have custody. This was so heartbreaking for them and this quote shows how Cup feels about the situation. She is confused and realized some of the times when her "daddy" had been there for her and how Mr.Burns had never been there for her. If the judge would have gone against the California law and allowed their "daddy" to have custody, I believe Cup's life would have been a whole lot different.

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