Outside Reading Week 4 Part #2

In the beginning of this section, Cupcake moves in with her boyfriend Tommy and their friend Nancy who offers to pay for some of the rent each month. Soon after they move in, Cup discovers she's pregnant and gets an abortion without letting Tommy know about anything. She just continues to live her life of bad habits without learning from any of her mistakes. Although Cup and Tommy love each other, he starts to become a different man. He gets jealous when Cupcake looks at another man assuming she has feelings towards them and starts to be very abusive towards her. Whenever Tommy would hit or kick Cup she would hit or kick him back just as hard, they had a very unhealthy relationship. One day they got into a huge fight and Tommy hurt Cup real bad, they both got out of the car and Cup cussed him out. He felt terrible, he cried and apologized to Cup. She was nice enough and took him back because she thought he must really love her for being so apologetic. She also thought he would not continue the abusing, which Cup says he didn’t for almost a year. Tommy and Cup moved into their own apartment together and to keep up rent Cup and Tommy continued work but Cup would also do crime in the night. Tommy’s insecurities were still a big problem and he thought the solution was for him and Cupcake to get married. Tommy wants Cup to get a job so she searches for different ones over the next few months, the main reason for the money is to get more drugs. Tommy's insecurities continued to be a problem and he thought if they got married in would fix it. Cup was unsure but went along with it. So she agrees and Tommy's mother flys in from out of town to arrange the wedding. Soon after, Cup applied for a job postion as a legal secretary and got the job at a small law firm. Cup’s boss and co-workers were very patient with her and although it took Cup a long time for her to learn things she’d get them down perfect once she learned them. After working at the firm for a few weeks, even though she had been in denial, Cupcake begins to realize she might have an addiction to crack cocaine. So she approaches Tommy and suggests they quit smoking for a year. As a team they do this for about 7 months but stil contnue to use other drugs.
The only thing Cup wanted to pick out for her wedding was her wedding dress. She wanted her dress to have roses on it because that was her mother’s favorite flower. Since Tommy's mother was generous, she sent her money to buy a dress. She spent $100 of the money on a dress and the other 900$ on drugs. On the day of the wedding, Cup was very hung-over and had drank and smoked before the wedding. From her addiction and bad decissions, she blacked out at the wedding and it was a blur to her. She couldn't even recall marrying him, and was shocked that she even had gone through with it. After a few months of being married, Tommy gets more and more abusive and with Cupcake's experience from growing up on the streets, she fights back. Cupcake convinces herself it's normal but one night it gets way out of hand, Tommy thought Cup was cheating on him when really she was making a drug deal. He starts cussing at her and all of a sudden squeezes her head so hard and throws her to the ground. He could have easily killed her so she had to call 911 for emergency medical attention. So she ends up staying at her friend Mona's house. Cupcake quits her job at Jack's firm and her dad moves in, helping pay the rent. Cup gets a job interview at a firm for a man named Ken and quickly is hired as a secretary. While Cup is still roaming the streets, getting busted for drugs, a certain Cop that goes by the name of "Preacher" takes a liking to Cupcake and tells her he believes in her. That she can change her life if she just tries. Cupcake brushes off his advice and doesn't listen to him, assuming he's crazy.

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