Post B week 1

The book Lucky begins with a traumatic and life-changing experience for the author Alice Sebold. She was brutally raped and beaten in an old tunnel near campus during the end of her freshman year of college. The pain would be indescribable for someone who had deal with that, both emotionally and physically. Alice had to face her friends and family with the truth. As hard as that would be, she needed the support and comfort of others to be able to move on in her life. Her friends seemed to be genuinely concerned and wanted to help her during such a difficult time. Along with telling her friends, she had to confront her mom which would be most difficult. She knew her mom was going to be heart-broken that such a terrible thing was done to her own daughter. I would also think this would be most difficult because someone’s mom is usually one of the people in their life that loves them most. Along with confronting people, another hard part of the situation was the fact that she was a virgin. She had made the choice to save herself for the right person, and without her control someone took that away from her; a sick-minded rapist. I hope as I continue to read she will find the man who raped her because I believe that would give her some closure and help her move on. I also hope her friends and family continue to be supportive and caring towards her.

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