Post B week 3

In this next section of the book Alice realizes how her family doesn't know how to react about the situation. They don't know what to do or what to even say. I would find that very frusterating if I were Alice because all you want to do is be comforted by your family when something so tragic happens. It would make the situaton even worse when they don't know how to. Also another time when Alice gets frusterated was when one night a cute boy comes to visit her sister and gave Alice a weird look. Alice interprets this as he knew she had been raped and he would never be interested or like her. She began to break down in tears with sadness and shame. She generalized the situation and screams to her family that a nice boy will never like her because she has been raped, and as usual her family does not know how to respond. If I was Alice I would need some sympathy and comfort if something so devastating happened to me. I think Alice needs to accept what happened and try to move on and if someone judges her then she shouldn't even be with them anyways. The genuine people will see her for who she is and not judge her for what happened.

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