Post B week 4

In this section of the book summer is ending and Alice needs to make an important decision. She needs to decide whether shes going to go back to Syracuse or change to a new school. Her parents suggest an all girls college that is only five blocks away from her house. Also, Since it is so close Alice would be able to come home easily and sleep there every night. That way her parents would know she was safe. However, this is not what Alice has in mind. Alice doesn't want the fact that she was raped to effect other aspects in her life. She thinks if she doesn't try to go back the way things were, she would be unhappy. She wans to return to Syracuse so that she will feel more normal. I believe Alice knows whats best for her. If shes willing and feels comfortable enough to go back and face the same campus that will haunt her for the rest of her life, then I think she should do it. She should at least try it out and if shes that unhappy then she can consider transferring. But she would regret not at least attempting to make things back to normal.

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