Post B week 5

In this section of the book, Alice's parents finally agree with her and allow her to return to Syrcruse. She returns and stays in the Haven hall, which is safer then the regular dorms. I think her parents won't regret their decision of allowing this because I'm sure all they want is for their daughter to be happy. But when Alice returns, everyone is shocked. People would approach her and say how glad they are that she came back. Since this was talked about with many people, even strangers would approach her and hug her and pitty her, which would obviously make Alice feel akward and uncomfortable. She doesn't want pitty, she wants people to see her as the old Alice, the one who wasn't raped. She continues to struggle as shes trying to adapt back into college life to feel normal again. I believe with the support of her friends and family, and with people treating her normally this can be accomplished.

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