Post B week 6

Throughout this section of the book, Alice continues to struggle in college and is still having a rough time and with all the unwanted attention. I can see her frusterations with not wanting people to feel bad for her and just wants some attention just for being Alice not because she was raped. However, Her friends have been there for her to help her get through this hard time and for her to stay strong. Alice is very lucky to have such kind friends who genuinely care about her so much. Also, in this section she talks about her experiences with diffrent types of girls in diffrent types of dorms. She categorizes them as some are the goody good girls, some the bad girls, and some and the girls with boyfriends. She considered herself a goody good girl. I don't like when people stereotype themselves or other people and give them a title. I think it is almost like you are judging them which is something no one should ever do.

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