Post B week 7

During this section of the book, Alice is beginning a new class of poetry and she loves her new teacher. Alice writes a dramatic poem about her rape experience and names it "conviction". When she shows her teacher, she loves it and say it is Alice's best work. Her teacher then suggests that Alice should workshop it which means review it with her class and other teachers. Alice agrees but is nervous because this means reading it aloud to her class and telling them all she had been raped. I can see how that could be really hard for her, but also I think it would be a good and almost could help her move on. Later on in this section it talk about how while Alice was walking down the street to another building near her campus she saw her rapist, Gregory Madison. She was so frightened and panicked. She tried to avoid him so she kept walking. However, he recognized her and so he approached her. Then he taunted her about when he raped her. Alice was furious but too scared to do anything at the moment so she kept walking back to the dorm. Alice knew in her heart she couldn't let this man wander the streets, she decided to take action. This is so brave of Alice to do and I believe is the right thing to do. She doen't want a dangerous man to harm anyone else like he did to her. Also, by catching this man would help her find closure in the tragic experience.

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